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Code signing no longer allows any file in an app bundle to have an extended attribute containing a resource fork or Finder info.To see which files are causing this error, run this command in Terminal: XCode codesigns my application but Gatekeeper nonetheless says "unidentified developer" The bundle had the following organisation: Mac OS folder a binary a shell script Resources folder 32 auxiliary binaries This was Okay with Xcode 7 but not with Xcode 8.And, best of all, you don't have to create a new project.

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Most commonly, you’ll have a TTF or OTF font that you’ll want to use with all of your UILabels or UIText Views in your app.codesign -d --keychain /Users/filhol/Library/Keychains/login.keychain --force --verbose -s "Developer ID Application: INSTITUT MAX VON LAUE - PAUL LANGEVIN (P65398CN49)" --entitlements Launcher.entitlements /Users/filhol/Development/Dev-Neutron Encyclopedia/Resources/The Apple answer to this codesign error is here: Technical Q&A QA1940.This is a security hardening change that was introduced with i OS 10, mac OS Sierra, watch OS 3, and tv OS 10.Gate Keeper now says the App is from an “unidentified developer” while the Archive validation tool says the archive is Okay and Xcode 8 signed it as a “Developer ID-signed application" without complaining.RB App Checker identified the issue : 33 binaries are signed by “Apple Root CA”, “Developer ID Application: xxxxxxx” One executable is signed by “Apple Root CA”, “Mac Developer: xxxxxx” The system expects these locations to contain only code.

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