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She is also a great dancer and planning to learn belly dancing very soon.But because of her low profile, she is feeling shy to share her interest among the people.You Tube existed, but nobody was making money as an internet star outside the traditional channels of success and fame. I now know hundreds of talented people working in media all over the world, many of them in LA itself.Think about a world with no real outreach options, no social news machine... So for that reason and also because I love the dirty south, I'm really happy to be "back".The school's boys basketball team was back in action Thursday night.After Imberman, a business development associate at Innovative Technology Advisors, popped the question to Levy, owner of S.

But TV in LA was still really limited ten years ago, and I felt like my career options were also limited. Frankly, everything sucked back then and I'm glad the future is finally here.Hello and welcome to my 2016 life, which included a move back to LA last month and a new job at Lionsgate Entertainment's Comic-Con HQ.Specifically I'm the new Vice President of Original Content for CCHQ, an SVOD service that combines films, interviews, comedy, and news and covers everything from comics to gaming to science to pop culture in general. it's been ten years since I left LA and my hosting gig on Attack of the Show!Truth or rumor, when news that the television host was splitting hit the internet Friday (June 2), Twitter immediately exploded with pithy commentary.(CBS News) TJ Lane, the alleged gunman in Monday's school shooting, knew some of his victims well, CBS News has learned.

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