Who is karina pasian dating

Come on now.) Truth be told, we always kinda thought that Andre was a made-up character meant to embody everyone Jo Jo (and myself, for that matter! But we've since learned that the mystical Andre exists IRL and is in fact Outkast's own André 3000!

Jo Jo explains: "Andre's style is something that I love.

Soon after this, Pasian performed and won on Star Search.

She also performed at Quincy Jones' We Are The Future concert in Rome.

), and most importantly, the sugary-sweet, Top 40-tinged "Andre," for which Jo Jo has just released a bomb new video.

(We'd also like to call out Jo Jo's equally underrated jam "Disaster," which, although not on ) is dating a sweet, attractive, too-cool-for-school artist (does he have a brother? As Jo Jo wakes up at her new man's apartment, Andre sneaks out, carrying a new piece of art with him.

The first single was "16 @ War" which received some moderate airplay on Urban radio and BET.

All checks cashed parsippany, morris, parsippany, paterson nj bridal makeup nj.is one of the most bizarrely overlooked releases of 2012.There's the vibey and laid-back "We Get By" (we're feeling you on that cranberry Stoli, bb), the heart-wrenching "Thinking Outloud" (P. we NEED more than just one minute of that one, please!you tell me i'm tripping and i should let it go, so i wonder to myself would you still think it's all good if the shoe was on the other foot i don't think you would no.(Chrous)2x what if your friends started paying more attention to me...could you handle it, tell me could you handle it boy,(2nd verse) What if i told you tony said i was pretty (what would you say)And when you're not around he goes out of his way to come and chill with me.(Hook)I tell you somethings you do make me uncomfortable.

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