Who is geoffrey rush dating

There is no way to make fun of a man for dating an unbelievable series of unfathomably gorgeous women that doesn't sound like abject, salty jealousy so I won't even try - but, folks, Geoffrey Edelsten is at it again.This time the septuagenarian medical millionaire has stepped out with ~controversial~ 'The Block' star Suzi Taylor, whose wild time in the press makes her actually pretty much a perfect match for Edelsten.Depp has said that he's happy to keep playing Jack Sparrow for as long as audiences enjoy the character, and Bloom has hinted at another film, so unless the franchise's fortunes change dramatically, we'd expect vibe, and Bloom has pretty much confirmed that a soft reboot is at least on the table."Basically they want to reboot the whole franchise, I think, and do something with me and the relationship with my son," he told see Jack Sparrow bow out and pass the pirate baton to Will Turner, or even to his son?That feels like a risk for a franchise so dependent on its eccentric lead character, but stranger things have happened.

Rush made his theatre debut in the QTC's production of Wrong Side of the Moon.One of Australia's most popular and distinguished actors, Geoffrey Rush came to the attention of the international community in 1996 with his performance as pianist David Helfgott in Shine (1996).Rush won an Academy Award for Best Actor, Golden Globe, and Australian Film Institute Award for his work, and he subsequently began appearing in films that would further make him known to audiences all over the world.While at university, he was talent-spotted by Queensland Theatre Company (QTC) in Brisbane.Rush began his career with QTC in 1971, appearing in 17 productions.

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