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The piece all but accused Ramírez by name and is titled “Oportunismo” (Opportunism).The following day, January 5, 11 mayors met with Morelos’ Secretary of State to discuss Mando Unico and the broader issue of organized crime.From there, matters only got more heated as the ongoing drug cartel-driven violence in Mexico made itself known in the Mexican state of Morelos, the capital of which is Cuernavaca.by members of Los Rojos, a faction of the Gulf Cartel.But the boom of his career occurred when head coach Leo Beenhakker came to Coapa and brought out the best from him.After passing through the Necaxa he made the Mexican team for the World Cup in France in 1998 where he scored once against Belgium and was born the 'Cuautemina' or "the Kangaroo Azteca.This allegation is based on Ramirez’s belief that Blanco is friendly with Federico Figueroa—the brother of deceased Mexican singer-songwriter Joan Sebastian—who Ramirez has long accused of being associated with organized crime.Figueroa has on January 4 that argued Mota’s assassination is being used to impose the Mando Unico on Cuernavaca.

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Temixco is just 3.7 miles away from Cuernavaca and is part of Morelos, which is currently ranked the Mota’s death to discuss Mando Unico, a policy directive of the Mexican federal government in 2015 that calls on the country’s municipalities to accept assistance from the military and federal police in combating the corruption common throughout Mexican law enforcement—there are even reports that local police were tipped off prior to .

Retired Mexican soccer legend Cuauhtemoc Blanco’s political career is off to a bizarre and possibly dangerous start.

Blanco, a member of the leftist Social Democratic Party of Mexico, was elected the mayor of the city of Cuernavaca in June 2015 after a hotly contested election against incumbent Maricela Velasquez.

At 37 years old Cuauhtémoc still dreams of reaching his third World Cup in South Africa 2010, after having appeared in France 1998 and Korea-Japan 2002. The first shoes he used as a professional football were a gift from Brazilian Antonio Carlos Santos.

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