Who is akanishi jin dating

You can meet Yama P and Kame [and Jin since he lives with P...?

He has also appeared in several Japanese dramas, such as the popular NTV school dramas Gokusen 2 and Yukan Club.Ex-Morning Musume member and first leader of the pop girl group, Nakazawa Yuuko (38) is planning on a spring wedding next year.Her husband-to-be is of the same age and is the president of an IT company.Not because you would get in jail or something but it would put up pretty big hysteria if there were teengirls near and you go ask someone like Akanishi Jin for a picture.So if you want to try, at least do it somewhere were aren't that much people because rampaging fangirls aren't the things idols wants to meet in their free time.

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