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We allow you to backup videos from many video sharing websites to your PC/device. Each chat profile has a chat room assigned their username.This has encouraged the music industry to revert to “payola” practices, first exposed by a major Congressional bribery and corruption investigation in 1959, which ensnared the pioneering rock n’roll DJ, Alan Freed.An investigation by Billboard magazine found that “playlists have become valuable currency in streaming’s new world order, so much so that record companies now actively promote - and sometimes pay for - their songs to appear on such services as Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music.”Pay for play “is definitely happening,” Billboard quoted a “major-label marketing executive,” who was one of several disclosing that popular playlists “can and have been bought.”The magazine cited Dig Mark, a digital playlist promotion company that charges record label clients ,000 for a six-week campaign.As long as there has been a music industry, there has been payola – the practice of offering cash or chemical inducements to DJs in order to secure prominent airtime for a new release.Now payola has infiltrated streaming services with record companies using cash to influence the songs included on the most prominent playlists, which are supposedly the personal selections of an elite group of tastemakers, according to an investigation.

Every song has a story, hear it about it first on the New at 2 station exclusively inside the Where Hip Hop Lives application.In the 1990s WAP became less active and eventually faded out of existence in the mid '90s. Please report if you encounter any video URL that can't be downloaded. WAP became known because of their anti-pornography informational tours of sex shops and pornographic theaters held in Times Square.In the 1980s, WAP began to focus more on lobbying and legislative efforts against pornography, particularly in support of civil-rights-oriented antipornography legislation.

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