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Pressing the power button may result in no action, or sometimes the LEDs may just flash on momentarily and then back off without the system actually going through normal start up.

The cause may be some corruption of some bits of memory that affect how the power switch is read since the power switch on modern PCs doesn't actually switch power directly.

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Now when I boot up ubuntu I get as far as the log in screen, and then once you log in, I am left with a black white screen. Trying to boot from the Ubuntu CD gives me the start screen with start or install and other options and then none of them work...The following procedure will remove the primary power sources of AC and main battery, and then drain residual capacitance by pressing the power switch several times.This will clear out stored values that may be corrupt, but will not affect data on the drive.Now, i have to take it back to the seller and hope he can do something for me.The seller is in a different town and i cannot go there until Saturday 🙁 .

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