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You can also select the Email option from the dropdown to see a similar list of just your email followers.

To remove a Word follower, go to My Site → People → Followers.

There, you’ll see the total number of Word followers, as well as a list of some of the more recent followers.

Clicking on any of your followers names will launch their site in a new browser tab, and clicking on the Follow link allows you to follow their site as well.

Or you can update your contacts with usernames and photos from Facebook, Sina Weibo, or Twitter.

Here are the social networks that you can sign in to from the Settings menu of your device: After you sign in to your social-media account from your device's Settings menu, you can share content on social media right from Safari, Photos, and some other apps. Then tap a social network, like Facebook, to share the picture from your Facebook profile.

Simply select Facebook from within XGate, enter your status update (up to 160 characters), and press go.

The free plan of Tweety Mail lets you send up to 100 Twitter updates per month via email.First, satellite phone users are by definition people who are in remote places, or in emergency situations where they are most likely to want to let everyone know their status – whether it’s sharing their adventure, letting others know their status in an emergency, or keeping work groups up to speed on happenings in the field or on the water.Facebook is a great way to update many people with the push of a single button.You’ll then provide email address that you want to link with Tweet Switch.To update your Twitter status, just send an email to [email protected] that email address. Tweet Switch will post that to your Twitter account. Tweety Mail is a full-fledged Twitter email service that let you do almost anything on Twitter by just sending and receiving emails.

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