Updating sketchup

Today, our team is doing something relatively uncommon in the history of Sketch Up: changing the price.

For the first 13 years we sold Sketch Up, we charged 5 for a single-user Pro license.

Great documents often feature important information, so we built Tables; a great way to manage spreadsheets in Lay Out. By default, black linework exports so that it renders as black on a white background and white on a black background. In Sketch Up 2017, we’re introducing customization for the colors that display Sketch Up’s axes and inferencing.

We hope people with any degree of color blindness will tweak these important color schemes to make Sketch Up and Lay Out work just right.

In this release, we've made major improvements to our graphics pipeline, allowing for performance improvements everywhere you see a . See Sketch Up 2017 in action Along with our graphics pipeline overhaul, we’ve made big improvements to transparency, which should now render faster and at higher quality too.

Sketch Up, and Trimble Connect all render models using the same under-the-hood algorithms—all tuned for buttery 3D orbiting.

It's that time of year: our latest desktop update, Sketch Up 2017, is available to download today!

The best way to explore our software is to use it: so watch this video, then jump into a new Sketch Up and orbit for yourself!

All these properties are saved with your scene, although you can update or manage these properties later, as explained in the next two sections of this article.Now, when you make a change to your Sketch Up model, any Lay Out dimensions associated with the model update to reflect your edit.This is possible thanks to a new feature across the Sketch Up platform called Persistent IDs.The Sketch Up Viewer on Microsoft Holo Lens is an entirely new way to experience project models in mixed reality environments.To say we are geeking out about the potential of this new technology is an understatement.

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