Updating pantone

I work within an advertising agency and we use many of the Pantone swatch books.Constant changes by Pantone makes it difficult for us (hundreds of users) to update our libraries.Process and global color swatches are related to the document color mode.

Buruun received relief goods in the form of clothing and food packs from the grid operator, led by its District 2 Mindanao Operations and Maintenance team.Since Pantone has started changing color values and adding new swatch books to expand their products (and add additional revenue streams), I’m finding that it’s rather difficult to update our libraries in Adobe Creative Suite applications.This all started with the dramatic and unexpected color value conversion (RGB to LAB) from earlier versions of CS to CS5 (or CS5.5).Adobe and Pantone kept these changes under wraps and didn’t formally announce anything, not even after the changes caused havoc throughout the community.Now it seems as though Adobe give you an older base set of Pantone colors and relies on you to invest in Pantone products to get the Pantone Color Manager software to update your libraries.

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