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With a plus appearance of the world-famous transsexual, Amanda Lepore, discussing her life and career.

Five children guest star on The Tyra Show as a social experiment.

I started asking my buddies, then strangers about their relationship choices. Most people have at least one story about a bad choice.

I was married for almost nine years to a good woman and we tried. After my divorce, I spent a couple of years lost, hurt and confused.

Tyra talked to each guest on stage and reviewed their questions and answers to show how children can be exposed to stereotypes regarding race at a young age and what can be done about it. 1 February 2006Three girls are helped by Tyra to get over their past experiences.

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Why is it so hard to do, and how can you avoid similar mistakes in the future? We all have intuition but we don’t consciously listen to it, trusting only what appears to be rational in our often irrational mind.

However, we are socially conditioned from an early age to utilize reason rather than trusting our gut, especially if there is enough time to analyze the situation.

You hesitate at a green light and miss getting hit by a speeding truck.

Turns out you can, especially if you learn to identify which signals to focus on whether they’re sweaty palms, a funny feeling in your stomach, or a sudden and inexplicable certainty that something is up.

According to many researchers, intuition is far more material than it seems.

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