Tyco international consolidating financial statements

While the intent instruction could have been amended to include reference to the defendant's "acts, conduct and statements," where other instructions fully and fairly cover the principles of law governing the case, the trial court does not err in refusing an additional instruction language on the same subject.

Indeed, the witch hunt for the next Enron was already in full flight when investors began to express concern about Tyco International ...For a standard to be approved, 75 percent of the board members must agree.Often, getting agreement is difficult given the social, economic, legal, and cultural differences among countries.Accounting standards cover topics such as how to account for inventories, depreciation, research and development costs, income taxes, investments, intangible assets, and employee benefits.Investors and banks use these financial statements to determine whether to invest in or loan capital to the firm, while governments use the statements to ensure that the companies are paying their fair share of taxes.

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