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I'm grown now (I'm grown) [Tiffany Evans:] I can't believe, they tryna block me But you're still playing them games I thought you'd be Up in my lead, but, no you can't compete Back up, don't touch, gotta give me 50 feet Cause I'm on another level I'm bringing things to life like I'm Gepetto This is the last time that I'm gonna tell you I'm doing it big now You wanna piece, let it go [Repeat Bridge:] [Repeat Chorus:] [Bow Wow:] Aye, Tiff Yo big brotha got you It's nothing You push one hand to the cloud Then back to the wind Bow and Tiff Evans is back at it again Yea, ma, you grown Go on and let you rims spin, yea You got ya lil premieres These 50 lil days go on And let you paint drip (drip drip drip) Tell your parents don't trip And with ya girls Go on ya 'lil trips It's your world, lil mama It's your life to live Believe that [Tiffany Evans:] I'm not those girls your used to dating I gotta unique situation (I'll tell you the truth) You can travel the world But you'll never find someone (that does what I do) I'll have you open cause... Tiffany Evans (born August 4, 1992) is an American singer, songwriter, actress, dancer and entrepreneur.

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Here are the highlights: You've been quietly recording new music for a while now. TIFFANY EVANS: Over the last two years, I've been growing and going through things like love. I thought it was important to do so this time around. might I say, I don't have a celebrity crush considering I'm married! I'm so happy and I'm so excited and I'm having a girl. It's an amazing experience and I wish guys could go through this. Seeing as she's very much a Christian and follows the Bible, I'm not surprised she's married or pregnant. Everyone is different and people mature differently.

At one point she and her family had been living in their van for years.

Evans got her first break on Showtime at the Apollo at the age of 9.

R&B singer Tiffany Evans is all grown up now and she's recently revealed that she's married and pregnant!

Get the deets on her new life and new music inside....

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