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A Pew Research Center study from last June found that nearly half (47 percent) of people who at the time intended to vote for Hillary Clinton over Trump had no close friends who backed Trump, while nearly a third (31 percent) of Trump voters had no close Clinton supporters as friends. Or have we been divided according to politics all along?

A study out of Yale and Stanford last month in the Journal of Politics found that these days we seek out partners with similar political beliefs far more than in the past.

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Sadly, sites like that seem almost unnecessary, since many people would be hard-pressed to even find someone in their social circle with differing political opinions.

Unfortunately, trying to control another human’s actions is as futile as trying to reverse the direction of a river. “Because I don’t have greater fulfillment, I turn to this insane dating world, and in that world, I lose more of myself out of negligence.

And then I keep digging deeper into something that makes me feel worse.” Most of my friends want relationships based on mutual understanding, trust and open communication. So, in February, I decided I wasn’t going to pretend to care less than I did or be an easier person than I am.

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