The art of internet dating

Duvall, your recent dating life may not quite qualify as “one of life’s most delightful experiences”. Millions of people visit e-dating sites every month. E-dating spans every age, gender, religion, race in the computerized world.

The screening process is better than you get at bars, especially when you’ve been drinking, but probably not as good as you get when friends set you up.

Do you know your Cougar Hunters from your Shagging Grannies? It's the ultimate expression of newtechnology and shameless marketing meeting the universal human need for love, affection andsex. What are the dos and don'ts ofpersonal photos and text descriptions? Where should you goon a first date and who should pay?

UK internet dating is worth GBP300m and around GBP2bn globally.

With so many possibilities and options right at your fingertips, it can seem a little overwhelming when you take your first plunge into the world of online dating.

Luckily, there have been many studies done, statistics produced, and firsthand accounts published about online dating.

she won't be able to help but love you and fantasize about you, and much more....

Want to quickly and easily double or triple dates you get from online dating sites - or even get a first date? Also includes 21 short bonus reports (in the Appendix) to make your online dating life even easier and more successful.

After meeting countless people over the years via the Internet, he finally met his soulmate Nicole through the RSVP dating site (on Valentines day of all days!Imagine, all of those dates, with so many hot girls that you didn't go on simply because you couldn't text right!Seriously, texting incorrectly can crush your chances with women permanently.This may sound a bit shallow, but it’s completely true.Home1 | Home2 | Home3 | About | e Book | View | Log Books | FAQ | Thoughts | The Author | Tips | Links | Scams | Gifts | Reviews | Media | Affiliate Program Other Web Sites by the Author: Electronics | Geo Caching | Canyoning | Solar Sponge | Boondaburrais an electronics designer, programmer and technical author from Sydney Australia.

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