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We feel it’s important that you have a convenient area where you can access the highest quality live porn available online.If you want to chat with girls or even if you want to meet boys online, Top Chats facilitates the process by making it all just a few clicks away.isn't it is a latent goal for most writers/creators to make a permanent work, in terms of its economic value and its prosperity quotient? More of what's done practically speaking is replacing the journal maybe, but I don't see the 'monuments' of academic discourse -- major crit volumes, biographies, etc. Unless the academic essay is allowed to take advantage of electrate qualities of the media/um . " Isabel says, "Bob - my line of undercurrent thought is that the world is already sufficiently subject to US / European domination of thought - might be nice to leave some preserved patches of cultural differences." Reiner says,"Alan, I don't mean a canon in terms of the overall structure of the diversity of information presented on the net, rather the artistic conventions/production and correspond][ance][ing dynamic." Scott Rettberg Rettberg says, " I think you're right about the slippage occurring more slowly in book-canons, though they change as well." Dominic Fox says, "Talan M - yes, but you might have to think differently about what a substrate is in order to take account of the /overlapping/ of protocols in the network - the substrate is already a text then." Alan Sondheim says, "There are confluences of substrates, all sorts of layers ranging from machine language through assembly, low-level; there are more and more specialized languages both script and otherwise for writing code; what we see as new media work online is a surface residue with roots of problematic length." Alan Sondheim says, "I think you've hit something, mez - there were all those discussions in the 70s about auteur theory in film, directorial theory. moving entirely from paper to screen anytime soon." Talan Memmott says, "Scott Rettberg -- I think most of those texts are better suited for paper . TS Eliot's canon was different from Bloom's is different from yours or mine. ) orgs who stand to make money by assembling and selling e-lit. Alan Sondheim says, "That might only hold for more static work, Talan - I'd think of this as cross-platform, but it's interesting, as soon as you have dynamic, there are corporate considerations right from the beginning." mez^ says, "i find it n.teresting that the m.ulation of tradition marketing techniques, tool, etc still obsess us . .n.stead of using the potentialities we still run back to the economic rationalist model . about furthering the openness of the distribution idea?So the best way is, just to use the internet and contact free prostitutes living near Talan, who don't want to get paid for sex. Maybe they are married, but desperate housewifes, young singles or just want to have fun.Even in Talan are real people, who really love to have sex or do otherthings like travel with other unknown people like you!He said people are going to straight text chat after all, ICQ and AOL messenger, and the graphic, GUI moos, are being more or less left behind again." Talan Memmott says, "Considering the Book . ) be given to this sort of transmediation and how what works in one format doesn't in another, and how to optimize the output so the experience is acceptable in each . Now that we can mass produce it as easily we can work on the aesthetics." Andrew Oldham says, "Imagine comics on disc with an interactive element that builds literacy skills targets individuals to read beyond the internet medium, not enough people read books, in fact books are becoming a pariah . .shame."Alan Sondheim says, "hearing breathing is something entirely different - you feel the physiology at work, and yes, there's surrender, and the lag plays a role - all sorts of projections/introjections occuring there Alan Sondheim says, "It's a proximal voice to some extent on chat, and will be more so of course as bandwidth increases. like taking the medium of fiction and rerouting it thru dynamic situations . taking a chat multilogue and using it as raw material for a email text performance . ." Stephanie/Nick/Noah says, "We'll add our cry of lamentation for the book, and depart. Alan Sondheim says, "The book isn't dead, nothing's dead; I'd think the metaphor is in need of being dropped - it reminds me of Toynbee . ." Alan Sondheim says, "Talan, I wanted to ask you sometime about these terms; how necessary do you think they are? a comfort notion that would have been tre foreign b4 the advent of the book . .i think we can find equivalents here, s.pecially with the techne becoming more accessible and user oriented . ." Alan Sondheim says, "Wes, I think there are ways around that, but it depends on screen refresh, what colors you're using - stuff I've talked about before - adjusting very carefully what the screen looks like, what kinds of lighting are surrounding it." Alan Sondheim says, "The point was, at the conference, that the book was mourned as the cornerstone of the humanities. ." Scott Rettberg Rettberg says, "The types of things which are more practical in electronic media will move over -- i.e.

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