Synovus consolidating bank charters carolyn murphy dating

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Explaining she felt this was the safest place to keep her savings, a mill executive offered instead to secure her money in the mill safe and pay her interest. (NYSE: SNV), the Columbus, Georgia-based financial services company, today announced the completion of the consolidation of 28 of its 30 bank charters operating in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee and South Carolina, under one Georgia charter.Consolidation of two separately-chartered Tennessee banks in Nashville and Memphis is expected by June 30, 2010.Synovus Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of Synovus, was recognized as one of America's Most Reputable Banks by American Banker and the Reputation Institute in 20, and was named “Best Regional Bank, Southeast” by MONEY Magazine for 2016-2017.Synovus began 125 years ago with a simple act of kindness between a worker and an executive at a Columbus, Georgia textile mill.

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