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The Mercantile Navy List of 1870 lists Robert Whyte of Aldgate, London, as the then owner of Nancy Brysson. Caird & Co., of Greenock, River Clyde, Scotland, became the vessel's owner. (William) Hickson, of London, as her then owner - it also says 'foundered'. At 73N/34.35W, essentially off Cape Hatteras, South Carolina.

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I thank the New York Times for their article (source) of Jan. Quex Park Estates uses locally grown-potatoes and locally-produced Quex Oils to create Kent Crisps.Gadds' The Ramsgate Brewery specialises in creating award-winning, fresh cask and bottle beers.Operating from Singapore, our Southeast Asia office launched in 1972 to meet demand for technical expertise in civil and structural engineering.They have since tackled complex projects across the region, including Vietnam and Indonesia.

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