Small schools consolidating into bigger school

In many areas, however, there is fierce resistance to consolidation from parents who prefer small, community-based school systems.When school districts talk about school consolidation—merging two or more smaller school districts into one larger system—parents usually object to efforts to relinquish their small community schools.She said Midway High School will stay the same because it is in a rural area.The original proposal for consolidating all five high schools was expected to cost around million for the new school, according to the school board.According to Eells, if that school were to join with a couple of other K-6s, a K-8 and maybe even a high school, the schools could eliminate duplicative administrative jobs, merge administrative tasks like payroll, and purchase commodities at lower rates thanks to the benefits of buying in bulk.New Jersey’s auditor is hardly alone in his thinking.The number of school districts varies widely from state to state.

The vote comes nearly one month after the board voted not to combine all five of it's high schools into a single larger school.

Sometimes, but not always, individual schools were closed in the process.

Although the trend slowed down over the years, there appear to be a growing number of states revisiting this managerial move -- and with good reason.

By 2006-07, the number of districts had dropped to 13,862, a decline of 88 percent.

The rate of consolidation has slowed in recent years, but at least a few districts consolidate every year in many states.

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