Single parents dating dallas

My mom is not a huge fan of me dating a guy with three tiny tots. But what I’m hearing is that a guy who actually takes parenting seriously should be punished for being “one of the good ones.”Why is this acceptable?

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Studies show that sleep is one of the single most important elements to a productive day. Of course, when I tell my friends about him, they don’t outright tell me I’m making a huge mistake, but there is that awkward silence wherein I can insert the me, but she was honest.She wasn’t angry; she just matter-of-factly stated her case:“He has too many kids. While my friends and family support any decision I make, they definitely wouldn’t make the decision to date a guy with this profile—even if the guy is super-amazing.I mean, take it from me, if you don’t want your daughter to end up dating guys 20 years her senior, you’d better be a full-time dad—I’m just saying. I think it’s a sad day when we view picking a kid up every two weeks as exemplary parenting.My mom recently commended a family friend whose “baby’s daddy” comes to pick up their kid once every two weeks. If my guy would’ve told me that he sees his kids every two weeks, he would not be my guy.

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