Share web cam free

Sharing the webcam on Skype is easy because Skype turns on the cam and streams the video automatically. Windows 7 usually recognizes the webcam automatically and installs the correct drivers.

All you have to do is select a friend and click a button. In case it doesn't find adequate drivers, insert the CD that came with the webcam into the computer's optical drive and run the installer.

)Until I can afford a webcam that plugs in via ethernet to my switch, I have to make do with my Intel pc camera pro, hooked up via USB (1.0) to my main PC.

Do I need to run Apache or some other http server to do this?

In a poll conducted recently 158 Flexi Hub users said that they use it to share a webcam over network among their Windows machines.

Setting up Epoc Cam is very simple, anyone can do it.

Just download drivers to your PC/Mac and you're ready to go! Anyone can install it." Install required Windows or Mac OS X drivers from You may also like our Kinoni Barcode Reader app, it turns your i Phone into barcode scanner.

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