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"The picture is always there in the back of my mind," she said.

Phillip Albert, now 20, has faced other consequences.

There's an MTV special called "Sexting in America: When Privates Go Public," that will air on Sunday at 9 pm ET.

You'll see real stories about sexting gone wrong-- like the 16-year-old girl who sent a nude photo to her ex and her reputation was destroyed after the photo spread across the entire school and she became the target of harassment.

As a result, Alpert was charged with child pornography and was arrested and registered as a sex offender.

What are some of the emotions and consequences that Ally endured?

Phillip Alpert, 20, from Orlando , shared how he became a Florida Corrections Department registered sex offender after getting involved in the trend.

Kim Stolz, a reporter from MTV News, defined “sexting” as when an individual sends sexually explicit pictures from their cell phone or computer.

IPods, Blackberries, and Motorola phones are visible, as well as the AOL logo.

This is one you may want to watch with your teens, both to learn more about the phenomena and to talk about its implications.

"The harassment just started immediately," she told MTV.

"Kids in my school were really brutal and terrible to me in the hallway and they would call me whore, slut, 'ho'." Ally, now in college, has a new boyfriend "who doesn't like the fact that there is a nude picture of me still out there, but he's completely understanding about it." She told MTV that she still bears scars from this incident.

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