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But what actually happens in most households is this: Her, some minutes later: 'Bins out yet then, are they? I said I'd do them in a minute.' Her, also getting cross: 'Yes, but you said that a minute ago and you still haven't done it and the binmen will be here soon and then we will have missed them and…' He will then get up, storm out and drag the bins up the drive in an overly dramatic fashion.And every woman knows what he is muttering under his breath, 'Stop being such a nag.' This is exactly where Lizzi Vandorpe, the author of The Blessings Book of Marriage (£8.99,, found herself when she was married to her first husband.WITH A THEATRICAL PRODUCTION of Nineteen Eighty-Four, imported from London, opening in Los Angeles in January 2016 at Santa Monica’s Broad Stage, renewed attention is being paid to one of Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels.Of course, George Orwell’s classic has been frequently reviewed and assessed.The mass surrender that Cohen single-handedly accepted formed the first stepping stone in the capitulation of Axis Europe during the Second World War.The young pilot became a hero in the Jewish section of the East End and his adventure became the basis for a Yiddish musical play, The King of Lampedusa, which became a big hit. The film rights were sold, but the film was never made because the producer who bought them, Walter Sistrom, suffered a burst appendix and died on the plane taking him to Hollywood and Columbia Studios, where he hoped to produce The King of Lampedusa.No one knows what happened to the rights that he bought.

Euphemism, so well worth decrying in almost every other sphere of life, is in the sexual sphere heartily, happily, one is ready to go so far as to say healthily, welcome.EDITOR’S NOTE: So many people were shocked, disturbed or just plain baffled that after barely a week in power the Trump administration was spreading outright lies and embracing dangerous ideas such as “alternative facts” that it’s no wonder the dystopian classic shot to #1 on Amazon’s bestseller list.After all, George Orwell’s cautionary tale described a society in which “whatever the Party holds to be truth is truth” and “the Ministry of Truth” promotes “doublethink” and “newspeak.” We thought it timely to repost Stephen Rohde’s (cautionary) review.ON June 12 1943, Syd Cohen, a young RAF pilot from the East End of London, was piloting a Swordfish bi-plane back to his base on Malta when he mistakenly headed the wrong way.Low on fuel, he made an emergency landing on the Mediterranean island of Lampedusa.

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