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Since the heir presumptive was stationed at RAF Valley, near Holyhead, they have lived in a remote (and easily secured) farmhouse close to the western shore of Anglesey.The island, the most far-flung corner of Wales, is packed with beauty and intrigue. In the 21st century, some regard the island county as somewhere to get through as fast as possible on the A55 to and from the ferry port at Holyhead.For scale samples the target is 300 sets of scales per river, to be collected over a two year period, starting in 2009.The samples must be collected in a scientifically unbiased way to ensure that the sample is representative of the stock.Four commonly used condition measures were selected, including a somatic measure, hepatosomatic index (HSI), and 3 morphometric measures, condition factor (CF), relative condition (Kn) and residual condition (Rr).The effect of month was significant for most condition analyses by size class, sex and reproductive state.The comparative application of several condition indices to sharks, however, has not yet received a rigorous evaluation.

in my spare time I like to read or listen to music. I enjoy walking and walk my dog for at least one hour every day.

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