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But also, kind of not, because whether you’re falling in love on a field during a festival or just hooking up with that babe you met on Bumble, when it comes to dating in the ATX, things can get strange. Date destinations like Barton Springs and the Greenbelt mean hairy backs, tramp stamps, weird moles, and any number of other odd physical attributes make their debut early on. Hope you’re not busy every Tuesday at because THIS IS THEIR PASSION AND YOU HAVE TO SUPPORT THEM. every fest offers the chance to find the (temporary) love of your life. In other words, being shallow has never been so easy. After all, nothing sets the mood like Skrillex and OMG YOU SHARED A FALAFEL Fido’s allowed at basically every bar. The scientific enterprise, despite its theory-laden nature, has the methodological element that enables one to perceive God's general revelation regardless of the scientist's presuppositions.

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The hurdles that progressive creationists encounter seem to be far fewer and less insurmountable than those faced by fiat creationists and theistic evolutionists.

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The writers of the Bible conveyed to their contemporaries the message of God, and their only way was to use the languages and customs of their time.

Therefore, it is unreasonable to expect Moses to describe creation in twentieth-century scientific language.

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