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Almost all public spaces are gender segregated and most women cover their face, hair and bodies in billowing black cloth.

While the conversations appear harmless, Saudi media outlets say the teen was detained late last month for “unethical behavior” due to the videos. 25 purports to show his arrest, and Abu Sin’s You Now site, on which he used to post almost daily, had not been updated for 13 days.

Waleed still goes online regularly in the hope that one day he will eventually meet his future wife.

The popularity of the Internet and other digital technologies is on the rise in Egypt, causing some critics to question whether the digital revolution will lead to a sexual revolution in the traditionally conservative Egyptian society., is convinced that there is indeed a connection between the use of cyber technology, infidelity and the rate of divorce in Egypt.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — When a teenager in Saudi Arabia began chatting up an American woman online, he first found fame and then notoriety before he was arrested over concerns that his clumsy cyber flirtation violated the kingdom’s conservative norms.

The teenager, known only by his online name of ‘Abu Sin,’ a reference to his crooked teeth, speaks almost no English.

Most of the time my clients are facing marital problems, and they come to me when they are on the brink of divorce,” said Abier Barbari, an Egyptian psychologist who has been practicing as a private counselor in Cairo since 2001.

Support groups are offered as a space where individuals can come together to share their stories, experiences, and lives in a way that helps reduce isolation and loneliness.

There were over 100 people on the channel on that day; Mona scanned their screen names, looking for friends. Some amusing ones, such as "I_need_a_wife," caught her eye, but none of her friends were there.

Mona didn't pick anyone to chat with right away, but soon several users [End Page 251] were hailing her.

“It is definitely a common complaint that the husband is getting his sexual satisfaction through the Internet, from chatting or from porno sites,” said Barbari, adding that this trend plays a factor in the breakup of relationships.

“Women have been living with this and now are talking about it,” she added.

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