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' I'd have thought everyone had guessed by now (what the song's about), but maybe not," he said. "The thicker you spread your toast, the nearer the Public Image Ltd.

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Programs that give shoppers retail deals when they use certain credit or debit cards are not new, but they're gaining ground.

If you find deals that are right for you, they can be an easy way to save money.

'Golden Brown', by the Strangers, was picked up by Waitrose for a 2008 advert about autumn - only the punk band weren't talking about demerara sugar.

JJ Burnel, who co-wrote the song, said he didn’t think Waitrose had clocked the song’s real meaning.

Among cardholders 18 to 34 years old, 54 percent expressed a desire to use card-linked offers. Only 4 percent of respondents say card-linked offers are the most common way they redeem coupons.

The most common coupon-redemption method remains paper -- from the newspaper, mail or printed from the Web.

If you've ever used Bank Ameri Deals, Discover Deals, Amex Offers, or a dining rewards programs such as AAdvantage Dining, you've used a card-linked offer program.If it is a contactless card, there's a chance it could be read by nearby spying equipment, although the credit card ­industry says that's unlikely. Because the contactless card uses an over-the-air technology called near-field communication (NFC), which is more secure than RFID.NFC card signals are detectable in a range of 2 to 4 inches, while RFID card signals can be detected at up to 25 feet, says the Smart Card Alliance, an industry group.It’s currently one of the most brilliant free cam sites online. ” added June 05, 2017 by Peter “All I wanted was to enjoy some cams without breaking the bank. More girls than you can dream of and it’s all FREE. ” added June 04, 2017 by Mike Hey guys, Derek Ashland here-- you may know me as “the voice.” I’m the guy who knows a lot about cam sites and my videos explain in great detail why you should stop paying for live sex and other webcam sites when there’s one site out there that has it all for free: My Free Cams My Free Cams is a free cam site - as its name implies - and it's a truly interactive experience as far as cam sites go.No longer do you need to throw money out the window to watch some girl trying to lure you into a cheap webcam sex show so she can suck more time and money out of you. Visitors can chat and interact with gorgeous girls from all over the world who cam from their homes.

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