Sedating dogs for travel

A microchip implant is even more useful because it is a permanent form of identification.If the journey will be long, you may have your dog checked by your vet to ensure it is healthy before it travels.Change their experience, change their association, and you may well change their behavior.The key here is recognizing that this is not a race – go slowly, success is more likely to come with baby steps.There are certain products and tricks you can try to calm your dog in the car.It’s difficult to predict which of these will work for a particular dog, so I recommend trying each of them until you see what works for yours.Stay tuned though for additional installments which will cover everything from dog travel safety to finding dog-friendly accommodations. For many dogs, a trip to the vet is the main reason they get to ride in the car.

When taking any pet on longer journeys it is important that you are properly prepared.Melanie lives in Topanga, California with her husband, Mark, and Taiga, their six-year-old Lab.Dog Air Travel Q&A You state in your book, “The Safe Dog Handbook,” that a pet-friendly flight begins at the time of booking.Outfit the crate with his favorite bed and some toys, so he'll feel more comfortable.You can also spray the inside of the crate with DAP, a synthetic version of a dog-calming pheromone, or Rescue Remedy before he gets in, to create a peaceful space.

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