Rocsi 106 park dating

“She respects him and values his advice, and they’ve developed a close friendship.Keshia doesn’t want to slight her parents, but she would love it if Bill could walk her down the aisle in a symbolic gesture along with her own father.Here’s what Media Take reader Alissa S had to say: Last week I was at the studio watching 106 & Park …All during the show I kept noticing that Terrence was looking over at me …So when the show was over, Terrence and Rocsi went around talking and greeting everyone.When [Terrence] came by me, we started talking about [my school] and stuff like that.

But she was in full support of co-host Terrence J., who proclaimed that the Baton Rogue native was banned from the network.She gave me this look that said ‘if you don’t let go of his hand, I’m gonna pull out your weave.’ Needless to say I let go of him and he kept it moving.[And] you could tell by the way that Terrence was acting after that, that he knew he [screwed] up. ROCSI GIVE ME A CALL AND I WILL GIVE YOU LESSONS BITCH 101!!!!! From the start I knew something like this would happen.. With Terrance and Rocsi I’m guessing they think the jokes are helping the show but really they probably make the show. cause now look he made her look like the chump in the end and already got a new co host.. awell ROCSI and TERRENCE what is 106&park gonna do now… I mean Aj and Free didn’t constantly crack on each other and everybody loved that show.

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