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I’m fully aware of the fact that if it weren’t for intermarriage between Natives and non-Natives, I wouldn’t exist.

Battery – A battery lasts four or five years regardless of mileage.

Unlike carbon dating, which measures a substance's subjective age, quantum dating was able to identify an accurate date of origin even if the substance had traveled through time.

In 2153, Jonathan Archer, acting on a tip from the Suliban Cabal's mysterious benefactor, quantum dated a component from the Xindi probe that attacked Earth.

Recently, since the 2010 Census data has started to trickle out, there has been some discussion about the interracial marriage rates among various ethnic groups.

The NYtimes has a chart that shows Native have the highest rate of intermarriage, and they also recently published an article that quoted statistics showing Natives as most likely to identify as more than one race.

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