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The state of the current sexual marketplace means two things: competition is fierce and you must maximise your exposure to your target market (the girls you are interested in) in order to be successful.A buzzword that has been popular in the marketing and advertising industry for a number of years is “always on.” It is my belief that if you want to beat the current market and pick up the hottest girls it is imperative that you too develop an “always on” approach. Here’s one from a blog written by Dave Chaffey of in 2014: Dynamic personalisation and structured testing and improvement of digital experiences is a key feature of always on marketing, a term which has emerged to show a change in emphasis from burst marketing campaigns to generate awareness and response to investment in marketing activities which continuously drive and meet changing demand.

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But if you cut through the excess verbiage, what Chaffey is saying is that contemporary marketing has moved away from big, discrete ad campaigns to continuous activity across many different channels that is constantly tested and then tweaked to achieve the best results.

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As girls today are bombarded with sexual opportunities through their social circle and approaches in real life as well as through the omnipresent digital titans Facebook, Snap, Instagram, Tinder and so on, achieving cut-through in the market is increasingly difficult for men, just as it is for advertisers trying to sell to increasingly fragmented audiences.

In this way, given the challenges you face on the dating scene are analogous to those faced by brands trying to shift product then it makes perfect sense that you should adopt a marketing strategy that is popular with these same huge corporations.

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