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I mean, do you see the detail on Benito Mussoweenie’s head and the hair peeking into the frame? So I called her to talk about it.“I was shocked into laughter the first time I got my first dick pic,” she told me on the phone.“And I just couldn’t believe that somebody would do that.

(There are still a fair few bugs in the app though — but ustwo says a new more stable build should go live on the App Store tomorrow.) This means that Rando feels closer in philosophy to ephemeral photo-messaging app Snapchat, which deliberates curtails social exposure by auto-destructing photos after they have been viewed, than it does to a highly visible, highly self-conscious image swapping network like Instagram.Unlike most photo-sharing apps, Rando eschews the usual social network trappings.You can’t like photos, favourite them, comment on them or share them to other social networks directly from the app.And then, when discussing it with my girlfriends and realizing this is a normal thing that happens, I was like…‘Wow, I wanna see more.'”Soraya’s inspiration for this project was the way some women feel after receiving an unsolicited dick pic (confused and grossed out among other feelings). A fluffer is a partner you bring to the photoshoot that puts the costume on and makes sure your dick stays hard.”Oh.

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