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Philanderers International and Private Affairs is most comprehensive extramarital relationship information and dating destination for married women and men.To have a positive relationship, the first thing that two people need to have for each other is, respect.Yet here you go, and you believe that this time it’s different—you can change this guy, a well-known womanizer.You actually believe that fate has brought you two together and that you can actually tame a philanderer.If he doesn't love you enough to do that, let him know that you cannot continue seeing him.Realize that he will probably choose not to settle down, and be prepared for that.What sets this site apart from the competition is its simplicity.

”), eye color, height, ethnicity, body type, a description of your looks (self-rated from “Average looking” to “Stunning looking”), marital status, children, smoking habits, country, zip code, and date of birth.Well, before you fall into his trap thinking that he’s the one who’s falling into yours—think again.Don’t go into the fore of the battle just yet, as winning over such a dreamy Don Juan is quite a feat.You have on your profile that you are looking for an honest man.The only problem is he's not into a long term, monogamous relationship and that is what you are looking for.

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