Pathauto not updating

Let's go ahead and take a look at two different ways we can reset this URL.

One of which is more useful for a single item, and one of which is more useful for both changing. I am going to go ahead and click the edit tab and this piece of content and then scroll down and click the URL path settings option.

So notice that when we clicked Save we jumped back to this Content listing page.

If we wanted to view this page we need to actually click on the link. Our page got refreshed and we see at the top that our URL has not changed.

Why did bulk updates only hit users without an alias instead of hitting all users? Or is there some secret sauce to do all existing users all at once?

I s'pose there's a concern that other modules may depend on the join to url_alias (since the query is tagged for alters). It might be wise, though, to apply the patch from here: The 'Bulk update' tab is badly named. You can regenerate Pathauto URL aliases using VBO or the 'Update URL alias' on admin/content or admin/people. If not, I'd suggest a patch that does offer a "bulk update" in addition to a "bulk generate". When I went to the contents, I found the "automatic generate URL" was unchecked.

Go ahead and click the Automatic alias item here and instead it got unchecked after we first time edited our content, and click Save.

(Which also makes things run waaaaaaay faster because that join on integer with a concat string is super slooooooow.) That leaves the question: why was it this way in the first place? I can only do updates to one page at a time with VBO, and that'd take forever. All I am going to do is scroll down to the bar and click Save.Let's see if our URL pattern changes made an impact. I have saved the pattern "Pattern for all Basic page paths" as content/[node:title], however, I see that the basic page links from the header navigation open as or etc.I am using WAMP and the 'url rewriting' is checked.

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