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Event Organisers can order level 1 licences, to do so, please contact the CAMS Permits Team via the CAMS Hotline.Level 2 licences are the basic club level motor sport licence.There are two types of Level 2 licence - Non Speed (L2NS) and Speed (L2S).A L2NS licence entitles the competitor to compete in events such as observed section trials, touring assemblies, non-timed road events, motorkhanas and khanacross, up to International level.Deer Lab makes it drop-dead simple to track specific animals using your trail cam photos.Easy to read reports provide the times he's hitting cameras as well as which cameras are receiving the most activity.CAMS offers a range of licences across all discipline areas starting at entry level through to international.

Does that buck you’re tracking move more when the wind is out of the northwest? Deer Lab helps take the guess work out of the equation.

Use it online, in a Cabela's store, or with one of their catalogs.

This special offer is for a limited time and good for first-time Deer Lab customers only.

We even automatically group photos in 15-minute segments so cameras don't skew results (think food plot cams or cams set on burst mode vs cams that aren't).

Profiling unique bucks (or other animals) help you get the most from your cameras.

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