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The “Book of Enoch” (1 Enoch) is a collection of texts composed between about 350 B. The Enochic texts claim to be Enoch’s revelations transmitted through his son, Methuselah.

According to the second myth, Enoch (as said in Genesis –24) was taken to heaven, where he learned the secrets of the universe and of the coming judgment.

Take note: this sign was given after the flood to confirm the covenant.

In two other passages, we see signs in the heavenly bodies.

For example, when my grandmother and grandfather were dating, her parents were concerned about this young man because he liked to go to football games. Some Christians have condemned others for wearing make-up, going to the opera, or even sending Christmas cards.

Christians, it seems, have an incredible ability to invent rules and regulations.

Y’shua said: “be careful that no one deceives you.” We can see that Abba YHVH has indeed created the sun, moon and stars for lights in the day and night, for signs and for the establishment of a calendar.

For the most part, this is easy to understand, except for the signs. ˒ot (אוֹת, 226), “sign; mark.” Cognates of this word appear in Aramaic and Arabic. Here it refers to the stars, indicators of the time of day and seasons.

I had not learned this from the Bible; I absorbed it from the independent, self-sufficient, self-esteeming, self-exalting air that you and I breathe every day of our lives in America.One happened in seminary and turned my mental world upside down.The other happened in the fall of 1979 and led to my coming to serve this church.The absence of the Book of Parables from Qumran probably indicates that this expression of Enochic theology developed in circles different from those directly ancestral to the group that collected the texts at Qumran. Vander Kam, 1 Enoch: A New Translation (Minneapolis: Fortress, 2004). The Temple Scroll is the longest Dead Sea Scroll (over 28 feet, preserved almost to its entire length) and one of the most important.The other Enochic writings were authoritative at Qumran, however, and were popular among early Christian writers as well. Nickelsburg, The University of Iowa * This refers to the episode in Genesis when “the sons of God went in to the daughters of humans, who bore children to them,” thus creating a race of giants called the Nephilim. It was excavated by Bedouin in Cave 11 in 1956 (since then no more scrolls have been discovered at Qumran).* The Dead Sea Scrolls can be divided into three main categories: Biblical, sectarian and other.

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