Nba player dating wnba players

I’m talking about women who want a piece of the man.Check out a sports gossip forum if you want to see what I’m talking about.In the summer of 2000, Parker was invited to the Nike Hoop Summit in Indianapolis.

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Coach Gregg Popovich had him play against Spurs scout and ex-NBA player Lance Blanks.And Klay Thompson’s girlfriend history shows that life can be as good off the court as it is on the floor. His father, Mychal Thompson, helps him navigate the pitfalls that being an NBA star brings. And, with that status comes a thirst of knowledge, begging the question “Who is Kevin Durant’s girlfriend?And while Klay has had his share of female attractors, it’s never devolved into scandal. ” Well, over the years, there have been plenty of rumors, speculation, and alleged women tied to him.That's where the club Taurasi plays for overseas, UMMC Ekaterinburg, comes into play.The team has offered Taurasi a deal: more than her WNBA salary to not play at all this summer.

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