Must love dogs dating site onlin edating sites

Here at Must Love Dogs, we are confident that everyone has at least one similar passion – the love of "man's best friend." This is, by no means, your typical online dating site.

” might be the best line yet for making a love connection — that is, if Kris Rotonda has any say.“If you really want to get to know someone you’re dating, then have them meet your cherished live-in companion, your dog — or, in my case, dogs,” said the 27-year old Rotonda, who has four.In an e-mail interview, he said the idea for the site came about when his last relationship ended.With an estimated 40 million singles using online dating and more than one-third of relationships resulting in marriage, a lot of potential romances are riding with that initial click of a mouse.That can make the first face-to-face meeting a nerve-racking endeavor, but double-dating with your dog is a great ice-breaker.

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