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and independent mobile coverage analyst Open Signal found.The average overall 4G availability across the UK is 65%, meaning mobile users can only access 4G nearly two-thirds of the time.This ranks the UK at just 54th in the world, behind Estonia and Peru, according to a previous report published by Open Signal in November.The comparison of 20 of the biggest cities across the UK placed London at 16th on the table, above Nottingham, Cardiff, Southampton and Bournemouth.Mobile 4G connection “varies wildly” across the UK, which lags behind Estonia and Peru for overall availability, latest figures show.

They built huge pyramids made of millions of mud bricks and created an extensive network of aqueducts.

Glasgow and Edinburgh came 9th and 10th respectively.

The report also looked at average 4G download speeds across the UK, finding Stoke-on-Trent to be the fastest city and Brighton the slowest. is calling on the next government to work with Ofcom and mobile providers to ensure that “critical” reforms are made to the market that deliver better performance and service for customers.

In MSM, risk factors for HTLV-1 infection include older age, a greater number of lifetime male sexual partners, and receptive anal intercourse [6-10].

A study that examined concomitant sexually transmitted infection (STI) did not find an association between HTLV-1 infection and gonorrhea or syphilis [7].

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