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OK, so we may not have her or that perky bottom in this week's episode, but she is supposedly stepping out with Spencer's brother James and her name cropped up. A hefty chunk of this final episode was given over to the Francis-Ashley-Sophia love triangle. No, in a word, and how dreadfully vulgar of you boys to be discussing such matters in a pub.Mackintosh’s great-great-grandfather was ‘Toffee King’ John Mackintosh, who launched Quality Street chocolates.The latest suspension was revealed in an sternly worded email from production manager Heidi Birkett last week.

The series saw the arrival of several new cast members including Andy Jordan, Ashley James, Carly Rothman, Sam Cussins, Sophia Sassoon, the rivalry between Millie and Victoria increasing, the brief reconnection between Gabriella and Ollie, and the rocky relationship between Spencer and Louise until the revelation that he cheated on her.Elsewhere, back in Chelsea, Richard shows off his new girlfriend Ianthe, and Ollie decides to change his lifestyle and even gets his hair cut.At Jamie’s flat warming party, Spencer interrupts an innocent chat between Andy and Louise and goes off the rails, and Jamie attempts to ask Binky out but is beaten by his old uni friend Sam.Diamond-mining heir Francis Boulle, one of the programme’s original cast members and an ex-boyfriend of Harry Potter actress Emma Watson, has been taken off the show for two weeks after arriving two hours late for filming.The 23-year-old also failed to turn up for a photoshoot to promote the third series, which is on screen later this month and continues to follow the lives and loves of a handful of wealthy young residents of London’s sought-after SW3 postcode.

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