Mac updating svn

I recommend Mac OSX users to use command line MPlayer, VLC or mpv for osx MPlayer 1.3.0 "worksforme" is out. MPlayer 1.3.0 is compatible with the FFmpeg 3.0.x releases and (at the time of writing) with FFmpeg git.The tarball already includes a copy of FFmpeg 3.0, so you don't need to fetch it separately.Or please contact me and I can get you in contact directly with wm4.If anyone knows how to contact Nick Kurshev (author of mplayerxp) please contact me. This is just our project trying to help MPV project get some attention.Once the patch is saved in Once the patch is applied build OSCAM like you normally do, test it and post the results.To build OSCAM with libusb (smartreader) support on you have to install libusb first.

mac updating svn-85mac updating svn-43mac updating svn-20

If you are an MPlayer developer and have not yet given permission, please visit MPV's bug

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