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I have triple checked the file name and pretty sure it is correct.Another issue I notice is that, after I have set the boot system to the newer IOS (and verified it with "show boot"), when I reload, it is still booting the old IOS.Alloy Library code is a great tool inside of Alloy. In Titanium, we use HTTPClient for connecting our apps to remote servers and APIs. As with Alloy Controllers, libraries are Common JS files.One reason new Titanium developers may not use alloy libs at the beginning of their project is that their existence isn’t immediately apparent inside new Alloy projects. For our code example, we’re going to create a simple library for doing Ti. For those coming from a web background, you’re probably familiar with We’re done! Common JS is a big topic, so the streamlined explantation is that it helps us keep our code reusable and helps in not accidentally overwriting other variables or parts of our code by what’s commonly referred to as scope or namespace pollution. For now, the main thing we need to know about Common JS is that any function we want to be called from outside of our library needs to be added to the exports property. This won’t be part of our real library, but will serve as an introduction.Since I've started I have noticed that GNS3 is very popular.

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Natasha, In May 2013 I was VERY reluctant to go onto dating sites..

We have records dating back to 1876, with fairly good records beginning with the first burial log dating back to December, 1925.

There are currently over 8640 graves in Mountain Rest Cemetery.

When working with companies that are newer to Titanium development, I have noticed that many projects may have code being repeated across controllers, or that they have spent a lot of time trying to expose function in a controller for re-use in other controllers, or that they are putting a lot of logic inside of model files.

We can avoid many of these issues, as well as make our code easier to re-use and just keep things DRY with the use of alloy libraries.

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