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“The main motivation is that if you look across the data sets you see that homosexuals have a host of mental problems, disproportionate physical problems, they don't live as long, and they are disproportionately involved in drug abuse and criminality," a Dr Cameron offered on the site.

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The Doctors For Life Twitter account states that the body “believes in the sanctity of life from conception until death” as well as a “basic Christian ethic in the medial profession.” Incidentally, Doctors for Life recently tweeted a link to an article published on a Christian website () proving that “homosexuals have host medical and physical problems”.For one thing, nobody cares if you’re having a good time. “Your job is to make the female performer look as good as humanly possible and accentuate every piece of beauty about her and be able to draw a performance out of her while delivering the type of scene—whatever it may be—that I ask for.” Deen sums up the expectations for a male porn actor like this: “He gets his penis hard when he’s told to.” That means the moment you drop your pants, you should be erect. The kind of erect you can hang a wet towel on, no problem.Porn and who gets to screen and watch it has always been a controversial issue in South Africa.That’d be like saying the only requirement for becoming the next Le Bron James is being really tall.Yeah, sorry, it’s a you need to have a career in the porn industry?

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