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I think Lindsay and I stayed there all of 20 minutes before being disgusted and leaving. But it might be worth just seeing it for a little while if partying with other backpackers is your cup of tea. She made us miss trips to Ayutthaya and gosh knows what else.

I have no true bar recommendations there because I believe after the 4 times of being there as a base, I probably went to over 70 or 80 different places.

Local officials with commercial interests in prostitution often protect the practice.

Her passions are animals, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Ohio State football, craft beer, coffee, and copious amounts of concrete.

Some touristy, some not-so-touristy, some expat, some sexy, and some so scandalous you may never even want to admit that you stepped foot in such a scene.

Megan is a digital marketing strategist and world traveler based in Frankfurt, Germany but hailing from Richmond, Virginia.

But I saw many times, some sites are not working, the main reason is server maintenance and particular shut down.

and after some time these type sites again work very well.

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