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The minimum age requirement to have an account on Facebook is 13 years old. Many 12, 11, even 10 year olds are creating accounts, many with parental permission. Our two newest staff members, Lorie Safford and Rebecca Christensen, aren’t working day to day with children, but the work they do makes the CAC a better place. This month we will look at the second part of our red-headed dynamic duo, Lorie Safford.

Maybe your child has a Facebook account and you feel confident because your child has you as one of their friends? Meet Lorie: Administrative Assistant/Patron Saint of Squelching Chaos!

“But, my child doesn’t have a cell phone.” OR, “maybe my child has a cell phone, but it is CERTAINLY not a smart phone, it doesn’t have internet…” Did you know that i Pods with Wi-Fi capability can easily be turned into a texting device with the simple download of a number of apps? One of our many trainings in April was Richard Love’s workshop about child sexual exploitation via media and technology, and how to help keep kids safe.

Richard Love is a retired detective and former consultant to the FBI Miami Crimes Against Children Unit. This two-part series will focus on our staff members that make a huge difference for our community, even without working day-to-day with children, families, and investigation teams.

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