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To set yourself up call 1.866.348.5282 from Canada or 1.877.800.5282 in the US and just follow the voice instructions. So it’s free to call and join Lavalife, free to record a personal greeting, free to browse, AND I can receive free text notifications to my profile?

Text alerts are a free feature Lavalife offers at no charge.

Neo is the only lava lamp available tested safe for all ages.

Neo is the first Mathmos lava lamp for kids and adults and has passed the stringent safety tests that this involves.

Designed by Jonathan Coles Studio to be both stylish and safe, Neo is available exclusively from Mathmos.

Made of cast metal in either polished silver or copper, Neo is available in four unique lava colour combinations.

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When a portion of cliff collapsed at the Kilauea volcano’s Kamokuna ocean entry last week, it at first appeared to have taken the remarkable lava firehose with it.But, new footage captured during boat tours this weekend reveals the phenomenon has started up again.A steady stream of lava can be seen gushing from a hole in the side of the cliff, striking up bursts of debris as it collides with the water.And, it has been active ever since, according to the US Geological Survey. Geological Survey, a section of sea cliff, top, falls into the ocean above a 'firehose' lava stream in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.It erupts from three main areas, the summit and two rift zones, and most of these events are 'relatively gentle.'But, not always.'Every few decades to centuries, however, powerful explosions spread ejecta across the landscape,' according to the USGS's Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.'Such explosions can be lethal, as the one in 1790 that killed scores of people in a war party near the summit of Kilauea.' In this combination of Feb. Another portion of cracked, unstable land is shown after the collapse, bottom.

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