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1851-1991 Panoramic Photos Ashland, MS Old Photographs Attala County Photographs Bolivar County Historic Photographs Brookhaven Vintage Views Carroll County Historical Photos Civil Rights Mississippi Digital Archives Grenada County Photographs Harrison County Penny Postcards Hinds County Penny Postcards Hinds County Photo Collection Holmes County Historical Photos Jasper County Historical Pages Mississippi Steamboat Photos Natchez on the Mississippi Pearl River County Historic Photos Port Gibson Historic Photographs Rankin County Historical Photos Union County Historic Photos Vicksburg Civil War Photos Warren County & Vicksburg Photos The source of these great county histories is "Mississippi The Heart of the South" by Dunbar Rowland, L. The historic red brick mansion is being restored and period furniture is being added to the home over time as most of the original furnishings were lost. This museum of southern history is located at 400 Duncan Avenue in Natchez, MS.

Dunleith Inn was built in 1856 and is being operated as an Inn today.

When I graduated with an art degree from Ole Miss in 2007, we were soon married and before long I started Lucky Luxe Couture Correspondence, a letterpress wedding stationery studio from our loft apartment just 2 blocks from the yellow cottage. My husband is the student minister at our church in downtown Laurel and we learned that one of our favorite parishioners was the owner of the yellow cottage.

We loved our loft, a former toothpaste factory in WWII, but before long the business outgrew the confines of a home office and Lucky Luxe became an international success in the wedding world. For fun, we knocked on her door one day and she invited us in to take a look around.

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