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Sandi Henderson had been struggling with her weight since she was 3-years old.Finally, at age 56 and weighing over 400 pounds, Sandi made the […] Alex Brecher, founder of Bariatric Pal, is over a decade-long success with Lap-Band weight loss surgery.People you don’t know may start to treat you with more respect. would this person be treating me the same way if I hadn’t lost all of this weight?How do I handle obesity discrimination now that I’m on the “other side”?Could your spouse or partner become jealous now that others are noticing you more?One of the best places to give and receive relationship advice is from other bariatric surgery patients during regularly scheduled support group meetings.Celebrity Gastric […] bariatric, Before and after gastric bypass, dr. Kristin stayed with me up until the last moment when the nurses brought the gurney to deliver me into my new life.And Kristin was there on the “other side” — the term bariatric patients have given […] Bariatric Support Centers International, Colleen Cook, Colleen Cook bariatric, Colleen Cook Bariatric Patient Bariatric Guru, Success Habits of Weight Loss Surgery Patients, weight loss surgery patients Colleen Cook is motivated.

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Colleen Cook went on to become the President of Bariatric Support Centers International, a company that provides education and support services for weight loss surgery patients and the healthcare professionals who serve them.A number of celebrities have come forward over time stating they have had resounding weight-loss success with gastric sleeve surgery — most recently, TV personality Mama June Shannon in her new series Mama June: From Not to Hot.In fact, several have reported losses ranging anywhere from 60 to 150 pounds following their procedure. Vishal Mehta, gastric bypass, gastric bypass obesity surgery, Kristin Szilagyi, Mehta Bariatric Center, obesity surgery, weight loss journey Kristin Szilagyi waited with me in the hospital room the day of my obesity surgery: August 27, 2003.But, the dance instructor didn’t discover any magical diet pills and hasn’t been hitting the gym. Magazine reveals that she secretly underwent lap band surgery. Magazine explains, “She may be in charge but she is no longer large!Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller has dropped 40 pounds, reportedly due to secret lap band surgery.

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