Kim dating big poppa

The make-up caked, wig wearing, buxom blonde is one of the central characters of the popular reality TV show.However, many people dislike her because they see her as a gold-digger. Call her whatever you want, but you can't call her dumb, because choosing not to date a BAM (Broke A _ _ Man) is a wise decision for any woman to make.We all know that the whole "dating a married man" thing is not cool at all, but she eventually closed that chapter and she moved on with her life.Certainly, we have all done some things in our past that we are not too proud of, and hopefully Zolciak will look back on this act and realize her mistake. but not before getting knocked up by the young star athlete.Leakes: Yeah, we were cool prior to being on the bus. She can ask you all the questions she wants, and make all the jokes and comments she wants, but you can't do the same with her. The moment you got out of your seat, what happened there?Leakes: I got up out of my seat because I feel like Kim is a child. New housewife Kandi contemplates her new life with fiance AJ, while Sheree's party plans start to go awry.

Kim decides she wants to design a line of wigs, and gets the ball rolling by going to cosmetology school.

and she told him that she “had never seen an ass like that” and then she asked him to turn around in his tight pants so she could get a good look.

He obliged, slipped her his digits and six short months later boom-boom- we could probably sort out when they plan on hitch their wagons and when she’s due to push out the baby.

By the time Kim said Don Juan and Sweetie should stay at the house, I was like, "No! " I was saying that, but really I meant, "I really have had it with ." That's really what I was saying to Kim. Prior to the bus, were you and Kim OK with each other? Because you visited specifically to watch her and Kandi perform on tour, right? But being friends with Kim, if you knew her, you'd know you have to walk on egg shells. Mind you, she can say anything she wants to say to you or about you — but you can't say nothing about her or who she's dating.

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